Top 10 Online Graphic Design Degree Programs

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A degree in graphic design can be very rewarding and gives those with an artistic bent access to an in-demand, lucrative career field, and an online graphic design degree can help give you the edge. Graphic design appeals to anyone with an interest in creative arts. It offers interesting advantages over traditional arts because technology allows images to be manipulated in ways impossible under any traditional method. Graphic design is truly the most modern of visual arts.

Featured Graphic Design Online Degree Programs

Most graphic design degrees can be completed entirely online. Online graphic design degree programs are either associates or bachelors degrees. When searching for a program, it is important to find programs that are properly accredited with high rankings to ensure they meet industry quality standards.

10 Top Schools for Graphic Design Degrees Online

The following list of schools all offer top ranking and accredited online graphic design degree programs.

1. Academy of Art University

Online Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design

online graphic design degree academy art university

Academy of Art University offers our #1 ranked online graphic design degree.

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The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, which offers an online B.A. in graphic design, has a long history of graduating top-of-the-line graphic designers. Established in 1929, this University attracts world-renowned experts in the industry. The University offers both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, making it one of the few schools to offer master’s programs. It also offers these programs year-round.


Undergraduate Tuition: $873/credit
Graduate Tuition: $983/credit


1. Offers graduate online programs
2. Attracts some of the best guest speakers and industry experts

Accreditation Statement: Academy of Art University is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), one of the seven regional associations that accredit public and private colleges and schools in the United States. WSCUC is located at 985 Atlantic Avenue #100, Alameda, CA, 94501. Tel. 510.748.9001.

Disclosure: For more information about graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit disclosures.

2. International Academy of Design and Technology

Online Bachelor’s Arts in Graphic Design

online graphic design schools iadt

IADT offers both an associate’s and bachelor’s graphic design online degree.

Program website.

The International Academy of Design and Technology offers a focused graphic design degree online. Students may choose between either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The Academy is entirely focused on graphic design and offers training using the most modern software and techniques so that students are fully prepared for what they will face in the industry.

Tuition: Associate’s Degree: $36,800. Bachelor’s Degree: $72,000


1. Offers an educational environment entirely focused on art and design.
2. Reduced tuition for accelerated program options.

3. DeVry University

Online Associate of Applied Science in Web Graphic Design

online graphic design degree programs accredited devry

DeVry’s large number of campus locations means students taking online graphic design courses have plenty of support if they need it.

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Program website.

Devry University offers great flexibility to students pursuing online degrees. The University maintains over 95 campus locations, so students taking primarily online classes can still have access to in-class support and resources if needed. The University maintains that online students have equal access to all resources that traditional students have. The online graphic design program through Devry is a blend of graphic design and its complimentary degree of web design. This approach gives graduates a technology expertise edge over more narrowly trained students. Devry also offers other programs such as multimedia design that may enhance a graphic designer’s skills and marketability.

Tuition: $41,235 for a bachelor’s degree, making this one of the cheapest online graphic design degree programs available. This includes standard cost of books and materials.

4. Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Online Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design

online graphic design degree programs ai pittsburgh

AI Pittsburgh offers accelerated online graphic design courses.

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Program website.

The Institute offers accelerated online courses toward either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in graphic design. These accelerated programs are one of the fastest ways of get the proper skills and begin a career.

Tuition: Tuition is per credit hour. The are additional lab fees and material fees. Cost per Credit: $450.


1. Offers accelerated 5.5 week programs.

5. Full Sail University

Online Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design Degree

full sail online graphic design degree

Graduate’s of Full Sail’s online graphic design degree have a chance to continue on to a master’s in media design.

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Program website.

Full Sail offers both bachelor’s and master’s graphic design degree online. Students may earn an online graphic design degree (bachelor’s) and then go on to earn a masters in media design to give them more advanced design techniques and deeper knowledge of branding. Full Sail also offers some complimentary programs and certificates, including educational media design to construct interactive online learning environments. This may allow graphic or web design students to take their career to the next level and build the computerized classrooms of the future.

Tuition: $14,190 tuition, making this one of the more affordable online graphic design degree options. This does not include the costs of materials or other fees.


1. Offers bachelor’s and master’s design degrees
2. Offers unique educational design degree or certificate to compliment the skills of graphic design

6. Rasmussen College

Online Associate and Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design

online graphic design schools rasmussen

Rasmussen offers associate’s and bachelor’s online graphic design programs.

Rasmussen College offers associate and bachelor’s options in an online graphic design degree. Rasmussen’s program offering is unique because it blends the skills of graphic design with the skills of digital animation. This dual skill-set allows graduates to create interesting works that may be superior to those designers who lack animation skills.

Tuition: $35,550 for bachelor’s degree, including standard materials.


1. Offers a dual skills degree that includes digital animation skills
2. Recently reduced its tuition prices 24 percent

7. Savannah College of Art and Design

Online Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design

accredited online graphic design degree scad

In SCAD’s online graphic design degree program, students have a chance to study mobile platforms.

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Program website.

This art-focused institution offers an exceptional online graphic design bachelor’s degree option for students. SCAD’s program is unique in its focus on emerging technology, such as mobile platforms, and how they impact the role of graphic design. Graduates will be better prepared for the future of graphic design.

Tuition: $31,905 per year for an undergraduate degree. This does not include the cost of materials.


1. Offers multiple partnerships with leading companies in the graphics design industry
2. Offers courses focused on adapting graphic design to emerging technology and the mobile industry

8. Liberty University

Online Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design

lu online graphic design program

LU brings a Christian educational focus to getting a graphic design online degree.

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Liberty University offers a Christian educational focus with their online graphic design degree option. It takes a more traditional approach to graphic design, looking extensively at art history and studio arts. Its numerous educational programs offer students the ability to graduate with the skills to teach studio arts and design.

Tuition: Tuition is per credit hour with differences for part-time or full-time students. Part time: $365. Full time: $325


1. Christian educational background and environment
2. Blending of educational skills and traditional studio design

9. Bellevue University

Online Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design

online graphic design program bellevue

Bellevue offers our #9 ranked online graphic design program.

Image Source

Program website.

Bellevue’s online graphic degree program stands out as an exceptional place for student collaboration and participation. The graphic design program offers top-rated student networking ability and resources. It is one of the University’s fully-devoted online bachelor’s degrees.

Tuition: Cost is per credit hour: $375


Online Graphic Design Degree ProgramsThese degrees have no formal prerequisites other than the admissions requirements of their prospective schools. These vary by school, but they can include a number of completed college credits, passing scores on ACT or SAT tests and passing scores on an entrance exam. Graphic design is the blending of traditional art and technology, so experience in either field will compliment the graphic artist.

Online graphic design degree programs come with the same advantages of freedom and flexibility as other online degrees. Graphic design lends itself well to online education because most work is done on a computer anyway. Students preparing for an online program need to be aware of the limitations they face using their own computer. They will need to ensure they have a machine able to properly run the design software they will be using. Some software programs require moderate to advanced graphics capability. They should also have a scanner and printer. Some drafting may still be done by hand, and they may need to scan and upload these images.

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This concludes our ranking of online graphic design degree programs.

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