What is Coding?

When it comes to computer technology, one of the most important and sought-after topics is that of coding. It’s such an essential part of everything we do online through our computers, smartphones and tablets. Writing code is an ever-growing and in-demand field. If you think you’d like to learn about computer science, you’ll definitely want to keep reading to learn about what code is, how it works and why it’s needed.

Summary of Code

Code is the seemingly complex series of numbers, letters and symbols that is used to run our computer browsers, apps, operating systems and websites. Knowing how to put these parts together in the correct order is necessary in order to end up with the desired results. The code that is written is actually a language that is translated into a set of instructions that are understood by the computer.

Why Learn to Code

Learning how to code can open a number of doors for you, depending on your goals. Learning the basics can set you on the road to building your own websites as a hobbyist or save you from paying someone else to do the work. It can be rewarding and fun to create personal sites from scratch. It’s even possible to become a professional coder and make a living by writing code for others. You could be hired by large corporations, government agencies, nonprofit programs or even freelance on your own terms. Becoming a coder can be a lucrative and much-needed career path. Sometimes those who start out learning to code for fun and enjoyment actually go on to run successful tech companies, as code is the basis for much other computer related processes. Knowing code can help you to understand a vast array of technology within the world.

How It Works

Saying that the written code is the language that tells the computer what to do is an oversimplification of the process. Computers are made up of on and off switches. Thus, it is only able to truly understand information in terms of on or off signals. Its capabilities are essentially derived through different sequences of transistors being turned on and off. The most basic of code is known as binary code. It is comprised of groups of zeroes and ones. Each digit is a representation of a transistor. Binary code is then placed into groups of eight, known as bytes. These represent eight transistors. Chains of these bytes provide information to the computer. However, millions of zero and one digits is simply too hard for anyone to understand and process if you’re not a computer, so that is why coders must use programming languages of code.

Different languages serve unique purposes, but they all make communicating with the computer easier than it would be if binary code were the only possible tool. Some languages run software, while others are used in web development. Understanding coding can provide you with a great deal of power in possessing a skill that can take you far.

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