10 Great Online Resources for Graphic Designers

The graphic design field is a diverse one. If you earn a degree in graphic design, you will be using art to communicate messages to the world. In addition, the employment area gives you the chance to work within a variety of visual mediums including social media and print. Today, online resources are invaluable to graphic designers. The top 10 resources include:

• Kuler
• FontShop
• Digital Arts
• CG Textures
• Dribbble
• Grain Edit
• Hongkiat
• Lorem Ipsum Generator
• RIT Design Archives
• Behance


Adobe’s Kuler site is your go-to online resource when you need color guidance. The site will aid you in determining a complimentary color scheme for an existing project or one that you’re starting from scratch. As you shift the program’s dots around the color wheel, you’ll be able to choose from a large assortment of complimentary, triad, comparable and shade colors. You can even develop custom colors, and the site will provide you with the proper color codes. Download the program on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Also, if you’re working with a team, then the program makes it easy to share ideas.


With FontShop, you’ll have access to a program that features unique lettering styles. The program gives you a way to make your graphic design projects distinctive. When you search the Internet, you will come across free typeface apps and programs, but they don’t offer the extensive resources and options that are available through FontShop. The site’s content tester will give you a complete look at your work while FontShop’s related fonts tab presents additional typographies to help you find the perfect lettering for a particular design. The company releases new fonts periodically. It also offers online support.

Digital Arts

This UK-based online magazine is a comprehensive source of graphic design news and articles. The site focuses on animation, web design and interactive design. It also features an exceptional online seminar section that teaches you about illustration, Photoshop and after effects. Digital Arts even has lessons on 3D printing and other types of software. Graphic designers draw inspiration from the site since it features content that is forward thinking. Exclusive reviews are posted on the site as are photography tips. The information that Digital Arts provides is unbiased, and the advice it offers comes from professional channels.

CG Textures

To make your graphic design concepts complete, you’ll need to add background and texture enhancements. CG Textures has more than 100,000 options available, and you can download them free. The site adds new styles on a continuous basis. It is also easy to navigate, so you can select the right design for your projects quickly. Popular texture options include animal skin, cloudy skies and bricks as well as rocks, roads and ornaments. CG Textures is known for helping gaming professionals create attractive backgrounds. In addition, this online source for graphic design features texture tutorials to help you use the site’s resources properly.


Dribbble allows you to display your work online. This gives industry professionals a way to discover you. The online resource also has a color selector, so if you see a design in a hue that arouses your interest, you can review other projects with similarities for inspiration. The site’s color selector feature makes it easy for you to form color pallets. With Dribbble, you can learn from the trials that other people in the industry have faced or form a creative team. When you create an account, you’ll be able to connect with other designers from around the world.

Grain Edit

During the last 10 years, Grain Edit has been an essential site for graphic designers. The site focuses on classic designs from the 1950s through the 1970s. It provides aid for those who prefer to create designs with a vintage appeal, and it is the place to go for ideas. On the site, you’ll have access to content like designers’ libraries, interviews with industry experts and research articles. You can also review exceptional design annuals, posters and past trend details. The site offers free online courses, and it provides notification of upcoming design events.


The Hongkiat site is a classic design weblog that offers tricks, discussion groups and tools. Access it for WordPress tips, icons or technology assistance. Graphic designers will especially appreciate the site’s design section, which features segments that focus on website creation, graphics, Photoshop and even coding. The site includes materials that will help you prepare designs for a class or clients. In the graphics segment, helpful tools consist of icon sets, business card templates and font options. Tutorials, patterns and plugins are available through the site’s Photoshop section while the toolkit unit provides aid for web design and development.

Loren Ipsum Generator

The Lorem Ipsum Generator is a free program from Adobe, and it will give you a way to pre-screen a design with the addition of default text or Lorem Ipsum, which is a text placeholder. With the program, you’ll have options that allow you to customize words, sentences and paragraphs. You can select up to six paragraphs, and after the program generates the text, copy it to your clipboard for review. It is also compatible with other Adobe graphic design resources like InDesign, Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. Once you’ve downloaded the program, you can use it within Adobe’s other design applications.

Rochester Institute of Technology, or RIT, Design Archives

RIT’s design archives will help you extend your historic design perspective. The site features work from 25 different designers and typographers from the 1920s through the 1950s. A few contemporary designers that operate within modernist traditions are also on the site. RIT documents and preserves the work of these individuals. In addition, a number of the site’s collections epitomize the complete works of several designers. Use the site to draw inspiration or increase your design knowledge from a specific era.


Behance is a top online platform that allows you to exhibit your talents. The site’s goal is to eliminate the obstacles between a person’s talent and his or her access to opportunities. Behance draws millions of visitors to its site, and many of them are looking to discover new designers. The site increases exposure for those who exhibit their work by distributing it to other online platforms. If you decide to display your designs on Behance, you can include a personal portfolio. Also, by becoming a member of the site, you’ll receive tips on how to become successful in graphic design as well as product recommendations that make it easier to work in the field.

Newspaper agencies, publishers and soft drink companies employ graphic designers. If you enter the employment field, you can work for a magazine, website or even a restaurant chain. With a degree in graphic design, you can follow your passion and work in your preferred employment field.

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