5 Jobs For Those with a Web Development Degree

Web Development Jobs

  • Web Developer
  • Web Administrator
  • Web Designer
  • E-Commerce Analyst
  • Mobile Application Development

If you are looking for the best jobs for those with a web development degree, you should have an idea of the top career areas available before you start. Professionals in web development work on the design, implementation, security, and maintenance of end-user computer systems necessary for everything from education to retails sales to function in today’s high-tech internet driven world. The broadest areas of web development careers are front-end development and back-end development. Front-end involves the exterior appearance and functionality utilized by site users, and back-end, which deals with behind the scenes operation and maintenance.

Web Developer

A job with the title “web developer” encompasses a broad area of responsibility and expertise. Depending on the organization or company, a web developer may cover front or rear-end duties, or some mixture of both. They also may have the title web developer but may specialize in one area of design such as coding or security protocols. At higher levels, a Senior Web Developer may manage all or part of a system or project, along with the various designers, programmers, and quality assurance employees that contribute to it.

Web Administrator

A web administrator works to coordinate and evaluate various levels of a website’s code and operations, and supervises or performs ongoing maintenance duties to assure the site continues to operate smoothly and securely. A web administrator is also sometimes known as a “webmaster,” as they often design, oversee and maintain the entire structure of a website. Duties include site backups, troubleshooting, emergency preparation, and updating the website on a regular basis.

Web Designer

Web designers are tasked with creating a functional and attractive website that is easy to use and easy to look at while communicating the company’s philosophy and purpose through the site’s look and operation. Web designers are proficient in both technical aspects of a website such as coding and creative graphic design. Keeping skills up to date and understanding trends in areas of expertise ensures a high demand for these multi-skilled professionals, who are able to work at any level of the web development process.

E-Commerce Analyst

Business is the centerpiece of the web development universe. An e-commerce analyst understands several levels of website operations: data analysis, technical design, and sales know-how. They take various kinds of data from a company’s online sales and examines trends in customer buying, creates sales reports, tracks the changes and evolution of retail environments online, and more. Duties may include generating and reporting this data to management, as well as working with other developers to implement strategies to improve the company’s website operations. This career requires business knowledge such as marketing, advertising, or other business specialties as well as technical expertise. According to the BLS, the job growth for an e-commerce analyst is on the rise.

Mobile Application Developer

Most people today use the internet with their mobile device, especially a smartphone. As a result, businesses have to design their main websites to be compatible in many formats in order to succeed. The most popular means to conduct business online is increasingly through customized applications designed especially for mobile devices. Specialists trained in coding and design for Android, iOS, and other phones and tablets are needed to create the apps businesses need to attract and keep mobile customers. They design, code, test, and maintain mobile applications in their specific programming area.

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Nearly every company, education, and government entity needs a fast, effective, attractive website and/or mobile app in order to succeed in our internet-centered world. A site that is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, fast and efficient is the difference between a company that goes viral worldwide and one that vanishes with barely any notice, making web development a lucrative and satisfying field. These 5 great jobs for those with a degree in web development give you some excellent choices with which to start your search.

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