5 Reasons to Get an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design

5 Reasons To Pursue A Graphic Design Associate’s Degree

  • It’s Cheaper
  • It Requires Less Time In School
  • It Can Increase Job Prospects
  • It Provides Valuable Experience
  • It Provides Portfolio Material

Because graphic design continues to be a popular field, it may be worth it to consider obtaining an associate’s degree in graphic design. Like most fields, candidates with a degree often have better job prospects than candidates without a degree. Consider these five key reasons to look into getting a graphic design associate’s degree.

It’s Cheaper

Associate’s degrees are considerably cheaper than bachelor’s degrees. Much of this stems from the fact that it only takes two years to obtain an associate’s degree instead of four. Because less time is spent in school, the less students pay for their education. Obtaining an associate’s degree from a local community college can be exponentially cheaper than going to a private college or even a state university. With so many American college students graduating with significant debt, this can make getting an associate’s degree an attractive option.

It Requires Less Time In School

Some students may wish to get their schooling over as soon as possible and enter the workforce. A two-year associate’s degree allows that to happen much faster than a four-year bachelor’s degree. In an associate’s degree program students are also able to focus more on their specialization than on general education classes. This can make associate’s degrees less flexible, but it also makes them an excellent choice for students who know exactly what they want to do as a career. Graphic design in particular lends itself well to being offered as an associate’s degree program because many of the profession’s elements are vocational.

It Can Increase Job Prospects

College degrees undeniably give students better job prospects than students who do not obtain a degree. The same is true in the graphic design field. Employers will see candidates who have obtained an associate’s degree in graphic design as more qualified than candidates who have not. This is beneficial beyond just obtaining a job because it gives students a head start on obtaining knowledge about the industry. Graphic design professionals are always learning and improving, particularly when it comes to new technologies changing their industry. Students who get a degree often have more of this critical industry-centric knowledge than people who try and start up a graphic design business or find employment without a formal education.

It Provides Valuable Experience

Students enrolled in graphic design associate’s degree programs gain valuable hands-on experience throughout their schooling as they learn various techniques. Graphic designers need to have a thorough understanding of key software programs as well, such as the Adobe Creative Suite. These programs are taught to students in reputable graphic design programs so they will have a strong skillset needed to succeed in their career. As with most careers, graphic design students who are able to participate in internships have a stronger chance of landing a job upon graduation.

It Provides Portfolio Material

A portfolio is one of the most important tools creative professions have for finding work, as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employers or clients will want to see examples of an artist’s past work to judge style and ability. Obtaining a graphic design associate’s degree provides prospective graphic designers an excellent opportunity to create works that can go into their professional portfolio when they have graduated and are searching for a job. When making a portfolio, a variety of quality work should be chosen to display the range of the designer. Graphic designers should always try new things and expand the range of what they are capable of.

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Students who want to go into the graphic design field are encouraged to obtain an associate’s degree or higher in the subject. Possessing an associate’s degree in graphic design is a key step to breaking into this field.

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