5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Graphic Design Website

  • Original Design
  • Show Off Your Talent
  • Clear Information
  • Define What You Do
  • Search Engine Optimization

If you’re a graphic designer, or have ever seriously considered graphic design as a career path, then chances are you’ve also considered working for yourself. Among the best tools a freelance artist can have in today’s world is a high-traffic website. So how do you get started? Here’s 5 of the best ways to get traffic flowing to your graphic design website.

Original Design

It should be obvious, which is why it starts the list, but it’s harder than you first might think. With the vast wealth of websites across the entire internet, a genuinely original website might seem like an impossible task, yet it is an absolute must. If you are running a graphic design website, then the very first impression you offer a visitor will make or break the website. With every page, you want to make visitors say: ‘I never would’ve thought of that’. That’s what makes people want you to design for them; it’s the belief that you are capable of creating something better than they could get elsewhere.

Show Off Your Graphic Chops

You might be surprised to see an awful lot of graphic design websites that offer very little visual impact. The most creative layout could easily flounder in obscurity if visitors aren’t wowed by what they see within that layout. You’re trying to get traffic for a graphic design website, and whereas design shows off your creativity, the graphic artistry represents your technical ability. By presenting images which show off outstanding technical prowess, you ensure that even the most passing of traffic has a chance to stop and explore.

Clear Information

In any other field, this would be the very first tip, because it is so often overlooked. As a graphic design website, it’s true that actual information can take a little bit of a back seat when compared to making it visually interesting. That does not, however, mean that you can forgo the fundamentals. Websites that don’t clearly present the important information are difficult to navigate, and any traffic you do get will quickly lose interest.

Define What You Do

This one is a bit less obvious, but no less important once you understand the perspective of a potential client. Pretend for a moment that you are visiting your own website in the search for a graphic designer. Whether you specialize in web design, billboard ads, 3D-modeling, or any number of possible applications, make sure that what you do is defined for your visitors. Clients have specific projects they want worked on, and they will gloss right over your site unless you specify you do that type of work.

Search Engine Optimization

It feels dirty just to say it, it may even feel dishonest, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Like sleazy tabloids use fake headlines to grab attention, many websites abuse SEO to lure unsuspecting people into something completely unrelated to their search. However, reputable websites need to use these tools as well, because this is how you let searches know your site exists. Understand how headers work, more than anything, since these are like the headlines of a newspaper, and might be the only thing that gets seen.

Graphic design is one of the best fields to be in today, that much is without question. The potential is nearly endless, just don’t think it is a guaranteed career. It will take a lot of hard work, but with the traffic generating tips here, your graphic design website may just get you started on the right foot.

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