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Graphic Design Programs at American Public University

American Public University appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Affordable Web Development Online Degree Programs.

Graphic design is a form of communication that allows people to use images and art to share information across different forms of media. American Public University offers both a visual design program and a visual communication program based on graphic design techniques. The visual design program awards students a certificate and is similar to its visual communication program. Students will learn how to layer and use different forms of information, the principles behind website design and the best ways to use graphic design software.

As this program features just 18 credits of classes, students can complete it in one or two semesters. They can also earn a certificate in visual communication while working on a degree in another area. Most of the credits in this program will count towards their electives. Some of the courses they take include Illustration and Design Using Adobe Illustrator, User Interface Design, Image Enhancement Using Adobe Photoshop and Intermediate Web Development. The university expects that students will have some experience with these software suites before starting the program.

The visual communication program offered by American Public University also awards graduates a certificate. It also features 18 credits and allows students to graduate within one year. Students can also bring up to nine credits from a regionally accredited school with them and transfer those credits into the program. They must take a course called Web Developmental Fundamentals before taking any design or communications classes.

American Public University offers several related and similar certificate programs for undergrads who want to learn more about web and graphic design and communication. Its web publishing program teaches students how to design their own websites and how to create websites for others. It features courses that include Web Development Fundamentals, Introduction to Web Analytics and Internet Concepts. Some of the other related programs available from American Public University for those with an interest in graphic design include majors in computer systems and networks and visual basic application development.

About American Public University

American Public University is one of the two schools that make up the American Public University System (APUS). The other school in this system is the American Military University (AMU), which primarily focuses on degree programs for military students that will help them succeed in their futures and careers within the armed forces. AMU opened in 1993 after two years of hard work on the part of Major James P. Etter, a former Marine. Etter thought that servicemen deserved access to courses that would help them in the military and established a new school that would offer courses not found in traditional schools. American Public University opened as a branch of that university in 2002 to offer similar courses and programs to civilians.

APU now welcomes all types of civilians. While some of its students work for government agencies, other students enroll in a program right after finishing high school. It also offers a few programs for adult learns that include online classes. The university’s open enrollment policy means that students can apply and enroll in classes without taking a standardized test and without completing some of the requirements that other colleges have. APU now offers degree programs at the associate, graduate, post-graduate, doctoral and undergrad levels. All the campuses in this system, including those located on military bases, have an enrollment of more than 48,000 students.

American Public University Accreditation Details

APU has regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), but it also sought accreditation for its distance education system too. That accreditation comes from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). APU also has affiliations with and approvals from other professional organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR).

American Public University Application Requirements

Any student who has a high school diploma or equivalency certificate can start classes at American Public University. The university requires proof that students have a diploma or certificate as part of its application process. Those applying for dual enrollment while in high school only need to show proof that they are in a high school program. Students bringing credits with them will submit transcripts that let the university see what courses they took and which credits will apply to a program requirement. High school graduates should submit their transcripts too. All students must also fill out the APU application.

The university wants to make sure that all students are ready for college, which is why it asks them to take the College Readiness Assessment. Students have two weeks to complete this assessment after applying. It includes an essay that the university looks at to determine how well the student can read and write. This assessment will determine whether the student needs to take prerequisite English courses or they can take more advanced classes. APU will waive this requirement for any student who completed at least nine credits of college work. Prior to taking any classes, students must submit copies of their government identifications, which the university uses to verify their names and other information.

Tuition and Financial Aid

APU offers different rates for traditional students and those with any type of military affiliation. Affiliated students are those currently enlisted in any branch of the armed forces, including the National Guard and the Army. Veterans can also qualify for this discount when they show proof of their service. APU offers this same rate for the spouses and any dependents of those who qualify. This reduces their tuition to $250 per credit hour. All other students will pay $270 per credit hour.

Veterans, servicemen and their dependents qualify for this rate because the university gives them a grant that covers some of their costs. Servicemen and veterans can also use the GI Bill and similar programs to lower their overall costs. APU has information about scholarships available on its website, including details on how students can apply and where they can find those scholarships. Federal student aid is available in the form of subsidized loans for undergrads that allow them to pay off their loans once they graduate. Students can also receive grants when they apply for financial aid with the FAFSA. American Public University encourages students to secure their financing before applying for a spot in its visual design program.

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