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Graphic Design Programs at Strayer University

Strayer University appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Affordable Web Development Online Degree Programs.

Graphic design majors learn how to put different colors and designs together when creating new pieces. Strayer University offers several programs in this field that can help students understand those concepts and learn how to work with their future clients. It also gives students the option of majoring in one field and declaring a minor in web development technology. Those students take five courses to complete the minor, including Visual Basics Programming, Web Page Development I and Web Design and Development.

The two main programs offered by the university are both available online. Strayer allows students living close to one of its campuses to stop by and talk with faculty members and to use any resources available in the library. The full web development technology program teaches students how to design and build full sites and individual pages for their clients. Majors will take 11 courses to complete the web development core, including Human-Computer Interaction, Systems Analysis and Development and Introduction to Networking. They must also complete the Information Technology Capstone and do some type of final project.

Those who want to focus more on the apps and programs that people use may prefer the university’s programming technology program. This is an online bachelor’s program that includes general education classes, courses within the major and electives. It teaches students the basics of using the top computer languages and shows them how they can use those languages to build new apps. Computer language courses comprise most of the required courses from within the major, but students must also take classes on system development and networking. Both programs provide students with the simple skills that they need to work with computers in the modern world.

About Strayer University

Strayer University is the name given to one of the world’s largest chain of for-profit colleges in the world. Founded in 1892, it opened as Strayer’s Business College and offered opportunities for Baltimore residents who wanted to study business. This coincided with the rise of business jobs in the area as cities grew and the number of farming jobs and positions in rural areas decreased. The college focused primarily on office and business courses for many years before expanding into other areas. That led to the school becoming just Strayer College and later Strayer University.

The university now ranks as one of the world’s biggest university chains in terms of both enrollment and overall size. It has nearly 80 campuses scattered across the company. While some of those campuses are in new buildings, others sit in existing office parks near or inside major cities. This makes it easier for students to get any of the help that they might need and to attend classes on those campuses. Most of its students are working adults who want to earn a degree, and a large number of students sign up for online classes. Across the virtual campus and all traditional campuses, Strayer University has an enrollment of more than 40,000 students.

Strayer University Accreditation Details

The nursing program offered by Strayer University gained accreditation in 2017, which shows students that the program prepares them for the issues of working in the medical field. This type of accreditation also lets students know that they will learn the skills needed to pass their licensing examinations. Strayer is one of the only online colleges with regional accreditation too, which comes from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). This grants Strayer the right to accept federal funds and to use those funds when designing the financial aid packages it awards to students.

Strayer University Application Requirements

Strayer understands that students today come from different backgrounds and that not all have as much experience as their peers. It only has three requirements for those who want to enroll in an undergrad program. Those students must have a high school diploma or a GED. The university will accept a high school transcript that has the date the student graduated on it or a GED score/transcript. It also asks for a valid ID issued by the government that has a photo of the student on the front. The only other requirement is a completed application and enrollment form. Students can find these forms online and either print and submit those forms through the mail or over the internet.

The university offers an alternative method of enrollment for students who need more assistance. Those students can visit the nearest Strayer campus and make an appointment to speak with a counselor. That counselor will help the student fill out the application or do it for that student. Counselors can ask questions and fill out the forms on the spot. They can also help students complete the FAFSA and apply for private loans. Strayer recommends that students who need help call the university directly to speak with an admissions counselor.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Though Strayer University offers lower tuition rates than other online schools do, students still need to know how much it costs to attend. Graphic design undergrads will pay $1,465 per credit hour. This cost may go up slightly each semester or at the start of the new school year. They also pay around $150 per class for textbooks and miscellaneous supplies and a technology fee of $65 that is due each semester. Prior learning assessments allow students to get college credits for the skills they have, any courses they already took and their overall experiences. Students will pay a small amount for this assessment, which can significantly reduce the number of credits they need to take and the cost they pay.

The university gives students credits for each class they take, which they can then use to save on their costs later. They can also apply for the legacy scholarship and get $500 in funds for the next semester. Students enrolled in a bachelor’s program also receive a free laptop from the university that they can use for school and in their personal lives. Strayer students can also use federal and state funds such as subsidized loans and grants to cover their other expenses and tuition. No matter which of the graphic design or web development programs they choose, students can still get financial aid from Strayer University and the government.

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