Top 10 Online Web Design Degree Programs

An online web design program provides a level of flexibility not available in traditional settings. Accredited online programs do not sacrifice quality for convenience. Would-be students are expected to have a high school diploma with an acceptable GPA. Applying students are also required to take an entry exam. In return, these schools teach students the skills necessary to begin a successful career.

Online associate courses introduce students to field-specific programs such as Adobe, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. They address programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, HTTP, and Actionscript. Bachelor’s programs serve to further solidify these skill and expand on specialties. Most programs also help students add to and produce a final portfolio and introduce them to an employer pool.

For accredited online web design programs, perspective careers are based on the same factors as brick and mortar colleges. School reputation and student ranking are taken into consideration upon application. Some careers available to both types of degree holders include: web graphic designer, web designer, multimedia web designer, and user interface designer.

10 Top Web Design Degree Programs Online

Whether online or in person, the quality of any education and career depends on the school attended. Here are 10 top online web design degree programs, presented in no particular order:

1. Kaplan University

Executive Summary: Kaplan University has an incredibly diverse selection of programs, which are taught both on campus and online. KU offers an exceptionally advanced internet web design certificate program. A prospective student of this program is required to hold an acceptable bachelor’s degree in information technology, upon which the their postbaccalaureate program expands. Kaplan does offer the required IT bachelor program.

Tuition: $12,272/year

2. University of Phoenix

Executive Summary: The University of Phoenix offers two approaches to web design training. First, it offers an Associate of Arts with an IT/web design concentration. This program serves as an introduction to the information technology field and an overview of web design. The second approach is appropriate for bachelor degree seeking students who have already obtained an AA in IT. This program expands upon the information technology concepts learned in the AA program, focuses especially on web design elements.

Tuition: $12,250/year

3. American Intercontinental University

Executive Summary: The American Intercontinental University has been an approved American degree awarding institute since 1971 and offers a large variety of associate, bachelor, and master degree programs. This University has a Bachelor of Fine Arts program, in which students can concentrate on web design. Applicable courses teach core concepts of visual communication and provide basic training in essential web design techniques like the application of effective navigation, graphic, sound, and typography techniques.

Tuition: $20,000/year

5. Academy of Art University

Executive Summary: The Academy of Art University has associated, bachelor’s, and master degree programs in web design and new media. These programs concentrate on teaching core design concepts and tools, including typography, vector illustration, and imaging and digital photography. Because it is a specialty school, The Academy of Art University is able to focus all of its resources into one field: art.

Tuition: $18,840/year.

6. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division

Executive Summary: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Online Web Design and Interactive Media Program is intended for students seeking a career that combines web design with interactive media, skills that when combined have the potential for content creation on a number of different platforms. This program features a capstone project in the bachelor’s degree program in which students develop a project for real clients.

Tuition: $470 per credit hour.

7. Herzing University

Executive Summary: Herzing University has an Associate and Bachelor Degree Program in Graphic Design. They are perfect for students who want to concentrate on the artistic elements of website design. Herzing University was founded as a computer programming school and has stayed true to its technological roots.

Tuition: $11,040/year

8. Southern New Hampshire University

Executive Summary: Southern New Hampshire University offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degree in Information Technology with a focus on web design and development. These programs provide students with a strong base in the technicalities of web site development as well as ascending degrees of concentration on more artistic aspects of web site, server, software, and marketing design. Fast Company named Southern New Hampshire University as the 12th most innovative organization in the world in 2012.

Tuition: $27,234/year

9. Colorado Technical University

Executive Summary: This online university offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in web development. Colorado Technical University began with a focus on training military members and veterans. Its doors are now open for everyone, but it still provides many opportunities for students who have a military association.

Tuition: $12,670/year

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This concludes our ranking of the top online web design degree programs.Online Web Design Degree Programs

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