Top 8 Online Bachelor’s in Web Design and Development 2019

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April 2019

Is this list for future web developers and future web designers? The two may seem the same, but there are differences between them. Primarily, the former must have command of multiple programming languages to build and support websites. The latter fits within the larger category and is likely to work with the developer. Certainly, roles and skills adjust and change over time, but the responsibilities of web developers run fairly consistently: get sites up and keep them going. This list of the top 8 online web development and design bachelor’s degrees for 2019 is made up primarily of online web developer degrees, though design usually makes up part of that category and is included in some of the degree names.

Those interested in a list of 8 online web development bachelor’s degrees likely have less concern than most about going fully online. Yet, these programs all have support for online students in need of any aid akin to that of students in live classes. Most use a cohort model for class cohesion and to best apply valuable mentoring.

In compiling this list of the top 8 best web development and design online bachelor’s degrees for 2019, we looked at hourly or per semester tuition rate, the salary report ranking, and awarded special points for regional accreditation and discounts for online study.

Ranking Schematic

Tuition rate

  • Under $250 per hour/$3,000 per semester- 5 points
  • Under $400 per hour/$4,800 per semester – 4 points
  • Under $550 per hour/$6,600 per semester – 3 points
  • Under $800 per hour/$9,600 per semester – 2 points
  • Under $1,000 per hour/$12,000 per semester – 1 point Salary Report Ranking

  • Top 100 – 5 points
  • Top 300 – 4 points
  • Top 600 – 3 points
  • Top 900 – 2 points
  • Top 1200 – 1 point

Special Awards

  • Lower tuition rate for online or other non-traditional students – 3 points
  • Regional accreditation – 5 points

#8 – Academy of Art University

San Francisco, California

Academy of Art University has a graduation rate of 33%.

Online BFA in Web Design and New Media

Payscale Ranking: not ranked



According to the Academy of Art University, the online bachelor of fine arts in web design and new media balances digital design and a blend of tools that can lead to diverse possible positions from user experience to motion graphics. Charging a tuition of $917 per unit, the Academy of Art University’s school of web design and new media pushes a fourfold path to the preparation of its future web developers: “design thinking, visual communication, technology, and user experience” in the online BFA in web design and new media.

#7 – Lewis-Clark State College

Lewiston, Idaho

Lewis Clark State College was established in 1893.

BAS in Web Development Online

Payscale Ranking: 1449

Points: 7


Lewis-Clark State College’s web design & development bachelor of applied science degree has been developed to readily accept up to 50 credits of previous coursework from another institution of higher learning. The web design & development BAS offered by Lewis-Clark State College proclaims that the program prepares students for the operation, development, and maintenance of professional web sites at a tuition rate of $9,205 per semester for those residing outside of the state of Idaho. A key segment of the degree includes a 33-credit (minimum) internship in information technology.

#6 – ECPI University

Virginia Beach, Virginia

ECPI University was established in 1966.

Online BS in Computer and Information Science with a Major in Software Development and a track in Web Design and Development

Payscale Ranking: not ranked

Points: 7


The web design and development bachelor of science offered by ECPI University is 100% online. The program’s ethos is customer-based. Their goal is to produce students that can create secure sites that are well-maintained, navigable, efficiently designed, and that load quickly. The university assigns tech-friendly faculty in the online BS in computer and information science with a major in software development and a track in web design and development program ECPI University. The tuition rate for the program is $7,992 per semester.

#5 – Independence University

Salt Lake City, Utah

Independence University was founded in 1891.

Online BS in Web Design and Development

Payscale Ranking: 1161

Points: 8


Independence University offers likely employment information for all of its degrees. For those getting the online bachelor of science in web design and development, the likely positions include mobile applications design, web e-learning, or web design and development. Also, you will get hands-on work with databases and other application development. The program has evolved with direction from industry tech officers and leaders. $8,484 per semester is the going tuition rate for the BS in web design and development offered by Independence University.

#4 – Franklin University

Columbus, Ohio

Franklin University was established in 1902.

BS in Web Development Online

Payscale Ranking: 967

Points: 9


The web development bachelor of science program online at Franklin University characterizes itself as friendly to transfer students, 100% online, and thoroughly practical in its skill set development. Students should graduate ready to organize, develop, and manage an entire site. Tuition for Franklin University’s online BS in web development is only $526 per credit. According to the school site, this investment in your education brings you in contact with real leaders in technology while also developing your own practical technical skills in databases and languages and building your entrepreneurial skills.

#3 – Colorado Technical University

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Technical University was established in 1965.

Online BS in Information Technology – Web Development

Payscale Ranking: not ranked

Points: 9


Colorado Technical University’s bachelor of science in information technology – web development has been formed as a 184 quarter credit degree that is fully online and sympathetic to students that need flexible schedules. Classes typically include professional writing, core courses in systems and databases, and project management. Specialization arrives where you can go from mobile web design to cloud computing. Colorado Technical University BS in information technology – web development offers a fast track examination option. The online tuition rate for this program is just $325 per credit hour.

#2 – Bellevue University

Bellevue, Nebraska

Bellevue University has a graduation rate of 69%.

Online BS in Web Development

Payscale Ranking: 883

Points: 10


Bellevue University, “designed by developers for developers,” has an online web development bachelor of science degree program that offers a cohort model to sustain a sense of your own incoming and peer progress. As you develop, you will be refining your skills in UI design, multiples scripting languages, and your sense of best practices. Bellevue University’s online BS in web development charges a tuition rate of just $415 per credit hour. Like other programs, a Capstone class is required so that you immerse yourself with your fellow cohort members into a collectively produced project.

#1 – Brigham Young University Idaho

Rexburg, Idaho

Brigham Young University Idaho is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

BS in Web Design and Development Online

Payscale Ranking: 410

Points: 13


The online bachelor of science in web design and development at Brigham Young University Idaho claims likely career paths including IT, web development and design, database and interactive design, advertising, and corporate communications. Brigham Young University Idaho charges a tuition rate of $2,059 per semester (full-time) for the online BS in web design and development. The program provides entree into numerous fast-growing fields, including web design and development, which are built upon skills learned in the major, including typography, object-oriented programming, and software development.

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This concludes our ranking of the top online web design degree programs.

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