How Much Money Can I Expect to Make as a Graphic Designer?

As a graphic designer you make a living off of being creative and talented. You may design webpages for several different clients as a freelancer or work directly for a company where you meet with a creative team to discuss projects. Regardless of where you work, your role is to create digital visual elements that build a brand or promote a specific product that’s being released. If you’re a creative person by heart, you might be interested to learn how much you can expect to make if you pursue a career in graphic design. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the Average Salary Reported for Graphic Designers?

With so many different competitors in so many different industries, every business is trying to earn their piece of the pie on the Internet. To make this happen, companies are using the services of talented graphic designers more than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average graphic designer earns $22.07 per hour or $45,900 per year.

Which Industries Pay the Highest?

Since graphic design is a professional service that is needed in all industries, there’s definitely a lot of job security. What you might not know is that the wages reported in some industries are higher than others. Computer systems design companies and advertising companies tend to have the highest concentration of employment in this field. Aerospace manufacturers, securities brokerages, telecommunications companies, and scientific research service companies have all been reported to pay the highest salaries to professionals who are employed by the company.

Do Freelancers Make More than Workers Employed by a Company?

One of the great things about graphic design as an occupation where you have choices. You can choose to pursue a position for a firm or a corporation, or you can choose to work for yourself as a freelancer who enters contracts with multiple companies at a time. While there are advantages to freelancing, you need to consider the big picture. You will enjoy flexibility and can target clients in an industry where you specialize, you can not expect your client to pay for your materials that will be needed to complete the contract.

For some professionals, it is easiest to make the decision when you consider where the earnings are highest. Freelancers set their rates and must stay competitive to attract new business. Professionals employed for a company enjoy a steady salary and may also receive benefits. Freelancers charge an average hourly rate of $74 in the Northeast and $67 in the West. They also set an up-charge for extremely difficult projects and a rush fee. This is much higher than the rates reported for in-house designers, but you must remember that there may be slow periods and you will have to cover the operational costs yourself when you are self employed.

There are plenty of ways that you can make money in addition to the rates you charge. If you want a few sources of income and you have a few extra hours per week, you can easily share your designs through platforms like Creative Market, EnvantoMarket and Fiverr. As you can see, you are not limited to just one outlet when working as a designer. Find your style and the industry you prefer and start searching for the best graphic designer opportunities.

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