What is an EDD?

what is an edd

An EDD, or engineer in design and development, is a professional who designs, develops, and tests a variety of products for companies in a broad range of industries. Their responsibilities vary depending on their particular employers but can range from redesigning cellphones to creating specialized automobile parts. For persons who think that this occupation may be just what they have been looking for, the following information can help them begin a new and exciting career.

Career Requirements

The main requirement to begin a career as an EDD is to earn a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in product engineering development and design. Common specialties in this field include software, chemicals, and materials. Internships can provide hands-on practical experience that will help students secure positions after graduation. After fulfilling the requirements of their engineering programs, graduates will need to complete what is known as the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Passing this exam is required to obtain a professional engineering license.

Necessary Skills

People who would like to become engineers in design and development will need several unique skills that are relevant to the field of product design and development. Perhaps the two most important skills that are essential to these careers are creativity and technical expertise. Other skills that will help EDDs in their chosen field are communication skills, problem-solving skills, the ability to work in teams, an eye for small details, knowledge in the use of computer-assisted design software, and a basic knowledge of business systems and procedures.

Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of design and development engineers can vary significantly depending on the individual professional’s place of employment. But speaking in general terms, there are some common tasks that EDD’s are often responsible for on a daily basis. These tasks may include such things as designing products that represent their employers’ brands, improving or updating existing designs, ensuring products meet development standards, researching trends in innovations and developments, and testing products prior to launch.

Average Salary

According to information provided by Glassdoor, the average salary for engineers in design and development was approximately $95,586 as of February, 2018. Of course, this is just the average salary: salaries ranged from a low of $79,000 to a high of $117,000 per year depending on the individual professional’s employer and specific position. Other factors that can determine actual salary for EDDs include location, level of training, and experience acquired in the field. The total average for such things as cash bonuses, commissions, and profit sharing was about $6,575 per year.

Common Places of Employment

Careers as engineers in design and development are highly flexible when speaking in terms of common places of employment. Depending on their chosen areas of specialty, these professionals can be found working in a large variety of work environments. Just a sample of the organizations that are in need of qualified EDDs include consumer goods manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, motor vehicle manufacturers, renewable energy companies, railroad companies, construction businesses, shipbuilding companies, and aerospace agencies.

Individuals who are interesting in the design and development of consumer products may want to consider beginning a career as an EDD. There are many great benefits to becoming an engineer in design and development including top salaries, flexible work environments, and excellent employee benefit packages.

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