What Should I Include on a Graphic Design Business Card?

As a graphic designer, there can be a lot of pressure to come out with a unique card that shows off your skills as a designer while giving potential clients all the information they’ll need to contact you. It can be done if you plan ahead. You might also decide to have a few different styles of cards depending on what kind of company you’re narrowing down in your contacts.

Work within Constraints

When you’re working with business cards, you know there are printer requirements like the bleed specified by the printer. It can vary between 3 mm and 5 mm, so you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of the specifications. Often, you’ll want to avoid a border around your card because if the cut is off, you’ll have a crooked business card, which is unprofessional.

Special Finishes

For a graphic designer, you’ll want to consider using special finishes on your cards. While it can increase the price, it’s a great way to stand out and show your potential clients what you can do for them. You might decide on special ink like metallics or raised points on the card to be memorable. The printer has to be able to create the look you need, so you will have to shop around for a good printer.

Use Die Cuts

Instead of adding to the card, you might want to take away from the card to make an impression. Depending on your logo or the style you want, you can use die cut shapes to make a lasting impression on your clients. Many companies and freelancers do this to really stand out from everyone else designing business cards. As a graphic designer, it’s essential that you’re memorable for the right reasons.

QR Codes

With business cards, you can marry offline marketing with online selling and contacts. There’s more that you’d like to place on your business card that won’t actually fit. It’s a great way to make a clean card that allows tech-savvy clients to contact you quickly and easily. They’ll appreciate that you’ve made a card that speaks to them. This can be literal too. Some QR codes can be created to speak to the person when it’s scanned. Whether it’s how to pronounce your name or a quick tagline, the code can be personalized to stand out from other business cards.

Material and Size

One of the first things you should consider is the material and size of the card. This will go along with the amount of information you’d like to add to the card. You might want to add a QR code that won’t fit unless you restructure the card. While it’s tempting to add lots of design elements to the business card to show off your skills, make sure you’re choosing only the best elements for your design.

A business card can help your business stand out from others when it’s designed beautifully. This is the chance to impress potential clients with your design style. Don’t bore them with a plain card when you have complete design control of your business card.

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