10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Graphic Designer

Although a graphic designer may be somebody you are only looking to work with for a limited time, the impact that this individual will have on your company could resonate for years to come. That is because this is the person who will create the image or images that will likely be the first things that potential customers see when discovering your business and determining whether to give you theirs. Fortunately, asking these questions will help you hire the right person for this pivotal job.

Tell Me About Yourself.

Of course, this standby applies when hiring a graphic designer as well. In this case, you are looking to find out what types of graphic design experiences he has had and how those have played into his life. You want to find out how he got to where he is now as well as any future goals that he may have for himself. Make sure to listen for connections between what he is saying and what you are looking for in a person you want to offer this position to.

What Design Software Programs Have You Worked With?

The primary reason behind asking this question is to see if she has either worked with the design software program that you have or with one that is similar. At the very least, she should have experience with Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop, and you likely have one of those programs in house. The benefits of the designer and you having the same or similar programs are twofold: it will simplify the design process, and you will be able to easily alter it afterwards if necessary.

Tell Me About a Time You Needed to Work Under Pressure and How You Responded.

You are looking for two things here. One is the circumstances surrounding why he was under pressure; were they from outside forces that could not be controlled or anticipated or because he did not plan his time as well as he could have? The second is to find out what steps he made to handle the pressure and deliver the project on time or as close to on time as possible. You can also find out what he defines as a stressful situation and how that correlates to your views.

What Is Your Graphic Design Process?

What you are looking for here is partly the timeline involved with the process as well as exactly what she does in what order and what role she envisions you playing in the process. You are also interested in where revisions and critiques are incorporated into the plan as well as how much time is estimated for that step in the process as it can vary quite a bit from client to client as well as from project to project.

What Do You Do to Stay up to Date in the Field?

It is always a positive if he is focused on staying current on all of the new happenings in the graphic design field such as visiting message boards, reading graphic design magazines and blogs posted by those respected in and knowledgeable about the field. Although doing this is important in any field, it is essential for those working in graphic design as anything having to do with computers is always changing and being updated. Also, see if he has recently learned new software and is expanding his knowledge base in that manner as well.

Can You Work Within Our Budget?

This is a pivotal question that will likely result in a simple answer. However, it is an important one to ask as graphic design fees can vary quite a bit. A recent college graduate may garner about $25 per hour while somebody working for a high-end agency may ask for nearly 10 times as much as that. Also, you want to find out if she charges by the hour or by the project. The latter is likely preferred as you can then budget for it before the project gets under way.

Would You Be Willing to Hand over Your Source Files After the Project Is Completed?

These original files would prove to be helpful after the project is completed if you needed to make any adjustments to the designs that were created, so the answer to this question may be an important one. Of course, if you do not foresee ever needing to make any changes to what was created, which could be the case for something that is intended to have a limited self life, then this question lessens in importance.

What Do You Know About Us, and Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

Assuming your company is easy to research online or otherwise, these are good questions to ask to determine how much time and effort she put into seeing if you are a good fit for her as well as vice versa. Her answers will also invite follow-up questions related to the style that your company has and is looking to project publicly with the graphic design work that she is looking to produce for you if hired.

What Was the Most Interesting Project That You Worked On?

One benefit of asking a question like this is that it should ignite a passionate response from him. Of course, if he has been responding in a monotone throughout the interview and that continues here, that is a serious cause for concern. Otherwise, the answer provided to this question should be an interesting one as it will likely tell you what type of work he is most interested in doing. It is a definite bonus if the answer closely correlates to what you are looking to have done.

Can I See Your Portfolio?

If they have not been brought out yet, this is a great time to ask for samples of her work. While looking through what she hands you, feel free to ask follow-up questions related to what the process was for a piece, what her thought process was while creating it or what its objective was and if that was met. Although it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, many of those in graphic design place their favorite piece first in their portfolios, their second-favorite piece last and their other top samples in the middle.

At this point, feel free to ask if the designer has anything else to share or if the designer has any questions for you. Either way, by this point, you should have a much greater understanding of what the designer can bring to the table and how much of an impact the work will have on your business and how it is viewed by others, especially initially.

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