5 Reasons You Should Become a Freelance Journalist

Reasons Why You Should Start a Freelance Writing Career

  • Work From Anywhere
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Choose Your Topics
  • Stay Creative
  • Open Doors

According to Freelance Writing Jobs, 82% of freelance journalists say that they chose the profession because they can work where ever they want? This gives writers the freedom to travel, take care of family, and even go to school while making money. There’re also many other reasons to become your own boss as a freelancer. Here are the top 5 motivators to start writing online.

Work From Anywhere

There is no office attire, no rush hour traffic, or a dingy cubicle as a view. Instead, you can write on the beaches of Bali, research topics in a remote village of the Himalayas, and get paid electronically while discovering ancient China.

If you have internet, then you can work. This gives nomads the dream job of a lifetime where nothing holds them back from exploring the world while making money.

Be Your Own Boss

Many freelance journalism jobs are by contract, so you never have a real boss. You can choose to work with a client again if you like them and if they pay well. Otherwise, you can move on without going through the headache of quitting a job.

You also get to choose how often you work and when. If you prefer writing at night, then you can have your days free. Flexible schedules are great for travelers but also for stay-at-home parents who write part-time. You may have deadlines, but how you meet those deadlines is all up to you.

Choose Your Topics

Traditional jobs have you doing the same work over and over again. You only get to write about the company and the topics they assign you. A freelancer gets to decide what to write and isn’t stuck in one niche.

You can pursue subjects that you have an interest in and learn as you go. You are always learning something new as a freelance journalist because you are constantly researching new genres, discovering new perspectives, and traveling to new places.

Stay Creative

Putting your voice and creativity into your work is easy and likely desired by many clients. Mundane busy work can be left behind when you get to add your own flair to your work.

A great reason to become a freelance writer is that you can even start your own blog or write a novel. The flexibility of freelancing gives you the time to expand your writing beyond client-based work. You can work part-time on paid jobs while devoting half your time to your own side project.

Opens Doors

While freelancing as a journalist has its perks, you may be in search of a full-time gig. However, many media outlets want someone with a portfolio and experience, not just a degree. Freelancing first can get you published samples to add to your resume. It can also get your name known within a particular niche.

Once you have some articles under your belt, you can apply for salary-based jobs. Many companies now allow writers to work from home if you have shown that you can work remotely. You can still maintain your freedom while having the comfort of a regular salary.

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Getting started as a freelance journalist is easy. There are platforms that cater to writers who want to write on their on time. The main reason to start your freelance writing career is that it is a high demand job that can never be replaced by technology, so you always have a job.

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