5 Things You Can Do With a Graphic Design Degree

A degree in graphic design opens a fulfilling adventure of creative concepts and realities in various ways. Anything is possible and probable in the world of graphic design with the right skill set, innovation and imagination. Careers in artistic directing, architectural drafting, multimedia, film editing and graphic design are just a few of a myriad of occupations awaiting for gifted and committed people.

1. Artistic Directors

Art directors are the people who make sure that the entire look and style of the photographs, illustrations and images of projects get fully rendered to satisfy their clients. They are responsible for planning assignments and delegating jobs to fellow artists. They supervise these individuals as well. They can find employment at newspaper companies, television and movie studios, advertising firms and magazine agencies to name a few.

For the newspaper or magazine companies, art directors will layout the visual works. Television and movie studios may use their talents to plan the set designs. They are responsible for the correct slogan of an ad campaign to go with the right pictures.

2. Architectural Drafting

Another occupation that one may explore with a graphic design degree is architectural drafting. Those who work in this field have fun planning and developing sketches and blueprints to construct buildings. Many trained to build their framework on computer based programs called CADD (computer aided drafting design). These draftsmen work closely with construction companies to draw landscapes, water pipes, electrical and gas networks as well as houses, apartments or offices. They also provide the time-table, workers’ costs and building material costs. Architectural draftsmen also work closely with their patrons by briefing them about projects, keeping the client up-to-date on the progress of the work.

3. Movie Editor

Having a degree in graphic design can lead to assisting directors of movies to edit their films! Although the roles of the writer, director, actors and the rest of the movie crew are important, it is the keen and skillful eye of the movie editor that can make or break a film! The movie editor decides what scenes stay in the film and which ones will meet the cutting-room floor.

The job of a movie editor is to read and check the script to make sure that it is coherent. The editor has to pour over the daily rushes with the director and get rid of those scenes that don’t work or go over the time and budget. The film editor also checks on the sound quality to make sure that every special effect sound is felt as well as heard.

4. Multimedia Artist

One of the areas to consider having a degree in graphic design is the animated world of two-dimensional and three-dimensional illustrations for television, movies and video games. Multimedia artists use computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Poser, Blender, Maya and others to create their dreams. They create these authentic looking images by using constructs that are drawn on the computer and colored, textured, shadowed and eventually animated. They also employ special effects and sound to their creations.

As far as viability is concerned, job analysis from the United States Department of Labor has predicted an upward rise of about six percent in availability from the years of 2014-2024.

5. Graphic Designer

Having a degree in this area is basically general education in this field. Graphic design is the backbone of the other highly specialized spheres of study. The duties often include conferring with the art director and the customer to receive instructions on the job. The designer will draw either manually or with technology the concept. Some of the projects may create a brand for a company, trademark or web page design.

Graphic designers use both words and pictures to tell the message that the client wanted to share.

Having a degree in these areas of study can lead to promising careers. Most people use graphics on a daily basis. They are on television. Their images gaze back at us from the cereal box. Graphic design is vast and almost limitless. Its limitations are strictly bound by the human mind.

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