5 Tips to be a Successful Freelance Journalist

Ways to Succeed as Freelance Journalist

  • Use Multiple Networks
  • Don’t Sell Yourself Short
  • Write on a Range of Topics
  • Make Yourself Known
  • Don’t Give Up

According to National Council for the Training of Journalists, over the past 15 years, there has been a 67 percent increase of freelance journalist in the U.K. This trend is not surprising given the change in economy and lifestyle. As full-time jobs become scarce, so does the desire to be tied down by a permanent job.

And has the world of freelancing flourishes so does the competition for these types of jobs. To succeed as a freelance journalist it takes perseverance, talent, and know-how. Use these five important tips to ensure your freelancing success.

Use Multiple Networks

As you start your career as a journalist, there are many platforms that offer writers a chance to get paid for writing. Some pay more than others, give you more flexibility, and in some cases give you a byline.

So, do not settle for the first platform that you use because chances are that you can find a better one. Plus, if one doesn’t have any gigs, you can rely on others to reach your quota. And as you become part of the community of writers, you will find more places to write.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

You should always know the worth of your time and skills. You may at first choose jobs that exploit your labor. Some platforms take advantage of writers as they take most of the profit from the clients.

Research first how much percentage does the company take and what your cut will be. Yes, the platform is providing the service, but you are doing the legwork. If you take on clients of your own, do not take less than you are worth. Show clients that your quality of work is worth the bill.

Write on a Range of Topics

Especially when you are beginning, to be a successful freelance journalist you have to expand your range of writing. This is not only beneficial to help you find more jobs, but it can also elevate your portfolio.

The more topics you become accustomed to, the more clientele you can solicit. Clients love to see versatility because it means you are a great researcher. Plus, you may find a niche that you enjoy that will lead to bigger projects.

Make Yourself Known

As you grow as a freelance journalist, success comes when you create a network and become a reliable resource for those members. You can make great connections and get referrals to other jobs when people know and respect your work.

If you become fond of a niche, then highlight it by creating your own blog on the topic. This can be a way to make yourself an authority on the topic. You can then write guest posts and get contract gigs at big-name companies with a byline and a hefty paycheck.

Don’t Give Up

The bottom line for successful freelance writing is that it takes time and effort. Just because freelancing is flexible, and you have no boss, doesn’t mean that it is easy. It takes time to find the right platform, to build your portfolio, and even build your skills.

As a writer, you never stop learning and improving. So, don’t give up and enjoy the journey as you go. If you follow through with quality work, then it will be noticed eventually.

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If you are thinking about quitting your job to jump right into freelance journalism, then you might want to start part-time before taking the plunge. While freelancing can become successful, it may take time to get a steady paycheck going and to be a successful freelance journalist.

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