What Courses Will I Take for a Graphics Design Degree?

Graphic designers use computers and other forms of technology to create products for clients, and as a college student, you can expect to take a variety of different courses for a graphics design degree. Some of these courses prepare you for working with clients, including how to act around your clients and how to follow the deadlines and budgets they give you. Other courses focus on the programs and software that these workers use every day. Learning what to expect from these programs helps you get an idea about what your future holds.

Digital Applications

Many of the courses that you’ll take as a graphics design major include courses on digital applications. The men and women working in this field use a wide range of different software and programs every day that let them create ads that can run along the sides of blogs and on websites, create interactive sites for customers and build marketing campaigns for businesses and companies. Most programs also include at least one typography class that goes over the different types of fonts and how the way you put words and letters together can impact viewers in different ways.

Preparatory Courses

Even if you plan to state your own company or work from home instead of working for a graphic design firm, you still need to work with clients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for graphic designers is $44,150 per year and this field will grow by seven percent from 2012 to 2022. Students who do best while working in the field are those who complete a program that includes some preparatory courses. Many schools ask that you take courses on communicating with others through verbal and written communications.

Concentration Classes

The required courses for a graphics design degree usually include core courses in the concentration that you choose as a freshman. You can pick a concentration that applies to the specific area of graphic design that you want to focus on later. Those studying web design look at how to build, edit and renovate websites for clients, while those studying advertising focus more on creating campaigns designed for those hoping to sell products to consumers. You will usually take 12 or more credit hours of courses in your concentration in addition to any other required courses. Other concentrations available in graphic design programs include interactive design and 2D design.

General Education Courses

As much as you love and appreciate art and design, you can’t expect to end your studies with classes focused solely on those areas. Most art and design schools now ask students to take several general education courses that will make them more well rounded. Those courses can include life science, behavioral science, math and humanities courses. You should expect to take basic courses on history, ethics, psychology and other topics. Some private colleges may also require students to take at least one religion or philosophy class as well.

Graphic designers use new forms of technology and new types of software to create products, including advertising campaigns and websites. When you enroll in one of these programs, you need to know what to expect. The required courses for a graphics design degree may include courses on working with clients, digital applications, general education courses and classes in your concentration.

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