What is a Landing Page and What Do I Need to Know About it?

what is a landing page

Landing pages have gotten a lot of attention lately and there are people asking, “What is a landing page and what do I need to know about it?”

A landing page is usually a standalone web page that isn’t directly linked to website navigation. The primary purpose is to have whoever is visiting the page perform some sort of action. This typically means signing up for something, as well as buying or downloading something.

Provide Information

Since a landing page is a standalone page, it’s best to make sure there’s something of value on that page that will reward the visitor. One example is to make sure whatever information they were offered prior to reaching the landing page is delivered.

Message Matching

Landing pages are often accessed via email offers and promotions. In order to make sure your visitor isn’t confused, you should ensure the message mentioned in the email is clearly visible on the landing page. If you’ve offered some kind of discount, for example, you’ll want to make sure that discount is clearly identified when they get to your landing page. Failure to do so can cause your visitor to feel cheated and you’ve lost the momentum you need in order to get further action from the visitor.

One Single Goal

When a visitor arrives on a landing page, there should only be one goal. If a company wants to have visitors download a report, for example, that’s the only option that should be available to them. If they also want visitors to sign up for a newsletter, it works best when there is a separate landing page for that.

The Importance of Email

When it comes to filling out a form on a landing page, the most important piece of information a company can gather is an email address. It’s not the person’s name and it’s not a phone number. It’s actually an email address. Why is that so important? Simple—most people prefer to receive information or be contacted via email, rather than from any other source.

Be Human

In an article in Forbes Magazine, one of the “10 Commandments” of a really good landing page is having one that does not sound like a sales pitch that’s been written by a computer. It sounds easy and natural. After all, when a customer goes into a business in order to purchase something, they don’t want someone coming across as stiff and robotic. Instead, they want someone who greets them with a smile, puts them at ease, and helps them with whatever they’re looking for. A good landing page accomplishes the same thing.

A Balanced Page

An article in Entrepreneur Magazine pointed out the importance of having the right balance on a landing page. If the page has too much information, there’s a chance that the visitor won’t go any further than that particular page. On the other hand, if there isn’t enough information provided, the visitor might simply decide to look elsewhere for whatever it is they’re seeking. The goal of a landing page is to have a call to action take place and that occurs when the right balance is struck between too much and too little.


When the question comes up, “What is a landing page and what do I need to know about it?,” the answer should be–“A landing page might well be the most important sales tool available to a business and should be used to its fullest potential.”

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