5 Great Tips For Designing Your Logo

So you are designing your logo for your business. Should be easy, right? Think again. There is more to designing a logo then adding a catchy title and some flashy art. Large businesses spend big bucks to have a logo designed and for good reason. The logo is the “face” of your company. It is what people will recognize most when looking for products or services that are in the same field as your business. Keeping that in mind, you should be realizing just how important your logo design is. Here are five proven tips that will help to ensure the logo you select will be right for your business.

1. Simple is Better

As stated earlier, your logo needs to be more than color and flash. In fact, the more simple the design of your logo is, the better. A simple well thought out logo can be effective without ever adding your company or brand name. Take the Nike “Swoosh” for example. We see it on fliers, billboards, and sales circulars and instantly know who the company is, without there even being a single word present. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what a simple yet effective logo is supposed to do.

2. Make it Versatile

Something else to consider while creating your logo is how versatile it is. If you create a fantastic looking logo that looks great on billboards where all of the details are easily seen, how will it look on your business card or other types of smaller media? Having a logo that is dependent on details, or even set color schemes, will not accomplish the amount of popularity a logo that looks good without colors or large amounts of detail will accomplish.

3. Don’t Copy Other Logos

Do not copy for the logo of another company. Yes, the logo may be popular and easily noticed, but it became popular, in part, due to its originality. Take a look at ordinary objects, how can you make them unique, simple, and easily identifiable? Sometimes, simple, everyday objects create some of the most iconic symbols. Try to find something simple and see if you can tweak it in a way that will make it uniquely fit your business.

4. Create A Logo That Tells A Story

Logos that are created correctly will tell the consumer the story of your business and brand. Your logo isn’t simply a piece of art that you through on marketing material to stir up business. It should have a thought provoking meaning that tells the consumer who you are and what you are about. Look at the Toyota Symbol. There is more to it than simply three ovals that resemble an encircled “T”. Each oval has a meaning to it.

5. Think Outside The Box

Don’t be predictable when creating your logo. Predictability will not make you stand out from the other companies in your industry. For example, let’s say you run a trash service. You could use a logo that incorporates a garbage collector leaning on a trash bin, complete with overalls, hat, and gloves. However, this would be predictable and not a unique idea. Now take that same figure and incorporate the internationally recognized recycle symbol. Perhaps you could use the trash collectors in place of the arrows and show your commitment to not only your customer but also to the environment.

These five tips for designing a good logo should help you in your quest in creating a unique logo that will help you stand out from your peers. Using ordinary objects and adding your own twist can help you to create an easily identifiable brand that potential customers can relate to your business. Just think outside the box and get creative.

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