Can I Get a Minor in Journalism?

Can I Get a Minor in JournalismIt is perfectly possible to get a minor in journalism. Most universities that offer a major in journalism also offer a minor. There are a number of reasons a student may wish to get a minor in journalism as well. Consider the following points.

Choose A College That Offers It

Not every college offers a minor in journalism. Therefore, students who think they may wish to complement their major with a journalism minor should make sure they choose a school that offers this option. Many schools offer journalism degrees, however, and if a major in journalism is offered, a minor usually is as well. Also consider factors such as the school’s cost, atmosphere, culture, prestige and all other relevant points that can help a student determine where he or she should go to school. If interested in a journalism minor, consider the quality of a school’s journalism department in addition to the department for your major.

The Advantages To Getting One

A journalism minor can be a great match with a degree in a subject that the student plans to work in but also wants to write about. For example, a student who wants to become an environmental scientist and work as an environmental journalist should strongly consider getting a minor in journalism. Journalism teaches students in-depth about different writing styles, which can be useful in a number of different professional disciplines. While minors are not as important as majors, HuffPost confirms that they are a useful complement to a student’s major. A minor allows students to specialize and position themselves in a specific niche, which can help them land a dream job that’s exactly what they want.

Good Majors To Pair It With

A minor in journalism can be paired with any major to good effect. However, it does fit better with some than others. A major in public relations, for example, works well with a minor in journalism because PR professionals typically do a lot of journalistic writing in their line of work, such as press releases. English is another good major to pair with a journalism minor, as are marketing, political science and communications. Remember that some schools do not allow students to pair a major and minor that are too similar, so students should check to ensure a combination they want is permitted.

How It Differs From A Major

Minors are similar to majors but differentiate in a few key ways. Minors typically have a far smaller list of requirements that need to be met before they are awarded compared to a major. This will vary by school so it is important for students to be knowledgeable about what requirements they need to complete for a journalism minor. Students who get a minor in journalism will not need to complete a senior project or capstone in journalism but will for their major. They also will not likely have an advisor in the journalism department.

Journalism minors exist and can be an excellent choice to pair with any major depending on what the student plans to do with their career. However, most careers require that professionals be able to write and research well. Students can get a minor in journalism and go on to do great things with it.


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