What is the Average Salary of a Package Designer?

The salary of a package designer can vary from region to region and from company to company. If you are a creative individual with skills in graphic design, you may want to consider pursuing a career where you will earn a living doing what you have a passion for. A package designer is an individual who specializes in creating appealing or brand-focused artwork for product boxes, bags, bottles, and other consumer packaging materials. The designer’s mission is to educate the consumer on the product within the package while promoting it. If you would like to work with a design firm or directly for a large consumer goods manufacturer, read on and learn more about your potential salary and the factors that can affect it.

What is the Salary Range in Packaging Design?

The first step to determining how much you can expect to earn once you graduate from a degree or formal training program is to learn about the salary range in the field. According to a survey conducted by Payscale.com, the average salary in package design is $54,641, with the lowest wage earners making $39,000 and the highest wage earners bringing in $80,000. It is believed that the largest jump in wage comes with experience. Typically, professionals with 5 to 10 years of experience in package design will see the highest pay increase.

What Are the Biggest Factors that Have an Effect on Salary?

Manufacturers and design firms have a huge demand for talented product package designers who can utilize graphic arts to reach consumer audiences for the purpose of selling the goods. Since package design is an art and a method of marketing, companies take the hiring process seriously. Large corporations who hire their designers and employ them directly tend to pay a higher salary for experienced designers with a proven track record. This is why designers with 5 or more years of experience tend to receive the highest salary.

Aside from experience, the region where you choose to work can have a huge impact on wages. You will need to compare the openings in various cities and decide if you are willing to relocate as you compare salaries. Larger metropolitan areas and cities where many corporations house their headquarters tend to offer the highest starting salaries. You will also start off with a better wage if you have a degree.

How to Become a Product Packaging Designer

As with most careers today, a degree is typically necessary to search for a job in packaging design. Since you will need to have experience with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Excel, Powerpoint, and Entourage design programs, you should major in an area like graphic design where you can develop your computer skills. A Bachelor of Science is sufficient, but to move up to package design manager you may need a master’s degree. If you would like hands-on experience, choose a program that has an intern requirement and you can build up your resume.

Once you complete school, one way to get attention from employers is to build a portfolio to show off during your interview. If you are a good fit, you can land a good position that comes with excellent benefits. The salary of a package designer increases with experience so be sure to develop your skills and show off your talents.

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