Is a Web Design Degree Worth it?

Is a Web Design Degree Worth it?

For anyone looking to become a web designer for a living, it’s common to consider getting a web design degree. While a web design degree can definitely improve the chances of getting hired, having a solid portfolio will seal the deal. Because web design is both an art and a science, it is an appealing career for a variety of different of different personalities, and, additionally, it can pay very well. While obtaining a web design degree can use up time and money, it definitely has a large variety of benefits.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Web Design Degree

While getting a web design degree in a portfolio-oriented career is seen by some to be frivolous, it can bring a variety of opportunities that one would not otherwise have.


There are a variety of advantages that come with the acquisition of a website design degree. The first, and biggest, benefit is that a web design degree will get you noticed by those who are biased towards hiring those with degrees, which is much more common than many think. This can help give one a much greater opportunity to get hired by companies in a variety of markets. Additionally, for those who are hired by larger corporations, promotions are often evaluated by senior management, whose sole information about the web designer is typically on paper, making a web design degree all the more beneficial.

Another benefit of obtaining a degree is the vast range of information one learns about while attending a given college or university. This can give one a much broader source of information to pull from, whereas learning web design by oneself will give more specific results-oriented information. Because of this, by neglecting to get a degree in web design, one’s knowledge base may be lopsided and incomplete.

While the benefits of a degree may not be immediately noticeable, it will play a large role in a long-term career, quickly separating one from those without a degree, especially for those with a good portfolio.


One of the biggest downsides of getting a degree in web design is the cost. While a degree will likely pay for itself in time, it can still be a financial burden. For most purposes, any web design degree from an accredited college or university will do.  Another downside of getting a web design degree is that one may wind up taking unnecessary classes, which is often considered to be a waste of time. While this may be an annoyance, it is necessary for those who are dedicated to obtaining a degree.

Is a Degree Worth It?

While one can learn a large amount of information about web design online, the benefits that a degree in web design can have on a career are immense. However, it should be noted that a web design degree will likely take up a large amount of free-time and there are various expenses associated.

For those who are looking to get into web design as a lifelong career, getting a degree is a fantastic choice, as it can provide one with much higher opportunity for success. However, for those with skill in this area who are using web design as a temporary opportunity while transitioning to a more fitting career, a web design degree may not be the best choice.

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